Infinity Allstars

Private Lessons

One on one individualized instruction.

Weekday 30 Minute Private Lessons (1 athlete) = $35/lesson

Friday Privates: 60 Minute Private Lessons (2 athletes) = $90/lesson ($45 for each athlete)

Saturday Privates: 60 Minute Private Lessons (3 athletes) = $105/lesson ($35 for each athlete)


Weekday lessons can be found here:

Weekend (Friday/Saturday) lessons require you to sign up on sign up genius so you can be matched with an athlete at a similar skill level. Once your lesson slot is filled you will be enrolled and charged on your iClass Pro account. YOU must have an iclass pro account in order to sign up for one of these lesson slots. If your Saturday slot does not fill with 3 people and only has 2 athletes in it, you will be charged the Friday pricing.

 Private Lessons are NON refundable. If you are unable to make it - you are responsible for selling your own lesson slot.


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