First and foremost, we would like to thank you for your patience and understanding as we continue to navigate through these unprecedented times. It is our prayer that you all are safe and healthy! 

We take great pride in owning and operating a small business. Our entire foundation was built on providing a safe, fun environment for athletes to gather, grow, and learn a sport that we are so passionate about. In 16 years of business, we have never experienced anything like this.

The health & safety of our athletes and families is still our number 1 priority. That being said, classes will not resume at the gym until it is deemed safe by the CDC. We WILL NOT be charging monthly tuition in April for any tumble classes. When the gym re-opens, we will provide SEVERAL make-up options for everyone who missed classes in March due to the closure.

 While we are not charging normal class tuition in April, we would love your continued support to help keep our program running through these difficult times. It is our hope that everyone will elect to sign up for Virtual Tumble Classes for the month of April!

Virtual Class Sign Up: CLICK HERE

If you do not have an account with us, CLICK HERE to sign up for free.


Why should I sign up?
This is a great opportunity to keep the kids busy and active! We will be working on CORE fundamentals for all ages and skill levels! As an added BONUS – you are helping our small business take care of coaches and overhead costs.

What is the cost for April?
*If the gym is able to reopen for classes in April – you will be locked in to the $35 rate for the entire month of April.

What levels are available for classes?
We have 4 separate classes available!
-Novice/Level 1
-Level 2/3
-Level 4/5/6

What level should I sign my athlete up for?
You should sign up based on your athlete’s current skill level. You can view our prerequisites on our website: VIEW HERE

What is included?
1 class emailed at the beginning of the week - coached by our amazing staff.
IN ADDITION you receive the following videos from the Infinity Staff:
-Jump Training
-Motion Training
-Flexibility Training
-Tumble Fundamentals Training
-Sculpted Arm Workout
-Leg Workout

How will I receive the class?
Via Email Weekly on Monday’s @ 4:00pm (4/6, 4/13, 4/20 & 4/27)

How long is the class?
Roughly 1 hour with incorporated water breaks.

Does my athlete need any equipment?
No equipment is necessary – we will be using everyday household items Your athlete will need a safe space inside or outside to complete the class.

How can my athlete watch?
From any smart device or computer

When should my athlete complete the class?
That is the beauty of the virtual training – the class can be done at any time throughout the week!

Does my athlete need to be supervised?
All training will be age and skill appropriate however, we recommend all athletes under the age of 10 be supervised while completing the class.

Will the videos be different?
We keep the class structure very similar in the gym throughout the month. The class will be the same but they will have new goals and progressions to meet each week! These fundamentals are so important that repeating weekly is the BEST way to get the MOST out of it!

Do I have to be an active member at Infinity to sign up?
NO! These virtual classes are for ANY athlete! Do you have family and friends in another state? Invite them to sign up for the class!



We offer several different classes for ALL AGES & SKILL LEVELS! All of our classes are open to the public! Looking to gain new skills or improve current ones? Classes are a great and affordable option to stay active and receive training from our top notch coaching staff. 


1 class per week = $65/month
2 classes per week = $95/month
3 classes per week = $125/month

Class Policies

Class Placement

Please use the above reference guide to ensure proper placement for your athlete. Should you have any questions in regards to pre-requisites or if you are unsure which class best fits your child's needs, email admin@infinityallstars.com 

Free Trial Class

We offer a free trial class for any member brand new to Infinity. If you would like to register for a trial, you will need to create an account on our parent portal. From there, you can select "trial" when registering.
You can create an account here: https://app.iclasspro.com/parentportal/infinityallstars1/createAccount
*Please note after you have used your free trial, each additional trial class is $16.25 per class.

Drop Policy

To drop a class, you must log into your iClass Pro account, click enrollments on the left hand side, and request a drop from there. This is the BEST way to ensure your drop will be processed. If you are having any issues, please email admin@infinityallstars.com . Remember, all classes must be dropped by the 25th of the month in order to avoid being charged on the 1st of the next month.

WE DO NOT REFUND FOR MISSED CLASSES. It is up to the parent to drop the class or schedule make-ups if the athlete is unable to attend.

Make-Up Policy

Make ups are allowed. You must register for a make up class on the iClass Parent Portal. A class is only able to be made up within 30 days of the missed class. If a class is currently at capacity, you will not be allowed to do a make up. If you are having issues putting your child in for a make up, please email admin@infinityallstars.com .

Waitlist Policy

Once you have been added to the waitlist, you will be notified via email when an opening becomes available. You will have 48 hours to respond to the email before we move on to the next person and drop you from the waitlist.

Non-Payment Drop

Infinity reserves the right to drop any athlete from their current class(es) if the account is not current. 


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