Infinity Allstars

Tumbling Examples


Level 1 Standing - Triple Back Walkover and Front Walkover
Level 1 Running - Round off

Level 2 Standing - Back Handspring Step out Back Walkover Back Handspring
Level 2 Running - Front walkover round off Back Handspring series

Level 3 Standing - Jump Back Handspring Jump 2 Back Handspring
Level 3 Running - Punch front hurdle Round off Back Tuck, Aerial Round off Back Tuck

Level 4 Standing - Standing Back tuck, Jump 2 back handsprings to Layout
Level 4 Running - Round off Back handspring Tuck 2 Back Handsprings Layout

Level 5 Standing - Triple jump Tuck, 2 Back Handsprings to Full   
Level 5 Running - Round off whip 2 back handsprings to full


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