UPDATE - 3/28

First and foremost, we would like to thank you for your patience and understanding as we continue to navigate through these unprecedented times. It is our prayer that you all are safe and healthy!  

We take great pride in owning and operating a small business. Our entire foundation was built on providing a safe, fun environment for athletes to gather, grow, and learn a sport that we are so passionate about. In 16 years of business, we have never experienced anything like this.

 The health & safety of our athletes and families is still our number 1 priority. That being said, classes will not resume at the gym until it is deemed safe by the CDC. We WILL NOT be charging monthly tuition in April for any tumble classes. When the gym re-opens, we will provide SEVERAL make-up options for everyone who missed classes in March due to the closure.

 While we are not charging normal class tuition in April, we would love your continued support to help keep our program running through these difficult times. It is our hope that everyone will elect to sign up for Virtual Tumble Classes for the month of April!

UPDATE - 3/17

We are going to minimize the traffic coming through Infinity Allstars Training Facility starting tomorrow, March 18, 2020 until March 31, 2020 so we can be a part of the positive steps our community is taking to slow the spread of COVID19. In order to help this effort we will cancel all team practices and recreational classes during this time. Our President is asking for as many people as possible to limit social exposure for 15 days (starting on 3/16). In the days to come if this policy is followed, we have a better chance of killing this virus instead of spreading it which in turn means we will hopefully be able to get back to life as normal!


The great news is that we WILL STILL HOLD PRIVATE LESSONS over the next 2 weeks! This is a perfect opportunity for our athletes to continue their training along with our staff having the opportunity to work through these hards times. Since lessons are one-on-one and a lot of our lessons are "hands off" we feel these training sessions will stay within the governments guidelines to keep our facility open under special, limited circumstances.

We will send an email tomorrow(3/18) at noon with the updated lesson times available and a link to sign up! 

**All lessons that are currently booked through March are still scheduled unless you hear from Infinity directly about moving to another time slot. 

In addition, starting Wednesday, March 18 (tomorrow), we will have a mixture of virtual classes and at home workouts that we want every athlete to participate in to ensure they stay in top physical shape! As the Allstar industry navigates through this unprecedented time, we are all using our creativity to keep our athletes trained and healthy! We have many resources we will be pulling from to make these training sessions available to our Infinity athletes!  


We plan to reopen our doors for normal classes and practices on Wednesday, April 1, 2020. If at that time we are still under a limited maximum amount of people in the building, we will set up classes and practices accordingly. We will also have many make up classes that we will offer starting April 1, 2020.


The Infinity Day Camp being offered due to school closures will still be available at a discounted rate to those families that have parents who work out of the home and do not have alternative child care arrangements. Many health precautions are being made to ensure our children in camp are in a sanitized environment. 

At this time we feel it is better to take the safest path which is to limit exposure of the virus within our gym. As a community we need to do our part to help each other stay healthy and get through this together. We are praying for all of our athletes, families and staff during these difficult times. As always if you have any concerns please contact us directly.

~Infinity Staff


Athletes Attending Private Lessons:

  • Athletes will need to be checked for fever before leaving home prior to coming to the gym. If your child has a fever, sniffle, cough, sore throat or any signs of a cold they should stay home this week.
  • We ask that athletes do not arrive more than 10 minutes early for a private lesson. We also ask that once an athlete’s private is over that they please do not stay longer in the gym. 
  • Athletes must wash hands as soon as they enter the Infinity Allstar training building, on their water break and when they leave the gym.
  • Water fountains will not be used so please have your athlete bring their own water bottle.
  • Parents may stay in the gym for their athlete's lesson but we ask that you remain 6 ft away from any other parents. Parents should also wash their hands upon entering and exiting the facility. 

 PLEASE stay away from the gym if you meet any of the criteria below:

  1. Any athlete who traveled out of the country or on a cruise please self quarantine from the gym for 14 days (beginning Friday 3/13).
  2. Any athlete who has come in contact with someone who has the virus; they are feeling sick or have a fever please self quarantine from the gym for 14 days(beginning Friday 3/13).
  3. Someone in the household is feeling sick, or your athlete has come in contact with someone running a fever.


  • Increased sanitation: We have always thoroughly sanitized our facilities regularly. However, we have increased the frequency of disinfecting, with particular attention to high-contact surfaces, such as tumbling equipment, chairs, tables, and restrooms, to ensure the highest standard of cleanliness. We are monitoring this very carefully to ensure that our methods are as effective as possible.
  • Staff health: We are taking steps to ensure the health and safety of our employees. If they have been out of the country, have been in contact with someone who has the virus, are sick or not well, they will be staying home until deemed safe to return.
  • Frequent and thorough hand washing: We ask that parents and children thoroughly wash their hands upon arrival. Please use soap and water to thoroughly wash your hands for 20 seconds before rinsing (sing the ABC song for a fun way to make sure kids are washing long enough to cleanse thoroughly). Hand sanitizer is also an option. However, soap and water are proven to be the most effective. 


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