For those who have not been to the new location yet - check out this awesome All-Access Tour from our friends at FloCheer!

We are LOVING being back in our hometown of Jacksonville Beach! We are looking forward to completing our indoor built out in the coming months and love that our new location gives us the opportunity to add space in future seasons!



From Beach Blvd
-Beach Blvd to 9th Street South
-Take 9th Street South to 10th AVENUE South
-Turn right on 10th AVENUE South, to 10th Street South
-Gym will be straight ahead (middle warehouse)

From JTB
-Exit onto South Beach Parkway and turn left (South Beach Parkway turns into 9th Street South)
-Turn left onto 10th AVENUE South, to 10th Street South
-Gym will be straight ahead (middle warehouse)
*Pease note, in an effort to get into our new building as quickly as possible, the indoor buildout was divided into 3 phases. Phase 1 - Bathrooms Only, Phase 2 - Downstairs Lobby & Athlete Area, Phase 3 - Upstairs offices and Parent Viewing Area. Phase 1 is now complete and phase 2 & 3 will be completed this Spring/Early Summer!
We will offer limited seating in our parent viewing area. This is also the area where athletes will keep their belongings and have water breaks. This area will also be shared with the front desk, the “office”, and coaches break area. We ask that you follow these rules over the next few months until the office parent viewing area has been completed: 

-Please do not bring outside seating into the gym. There is no room. 

-Please refrain from carrying on loud conversations during practices. It will be a distraction to the teams.

-There is to be absolutely no coaching from the viewing area. Doing so will resort in your becoming a drop off parent only. 

-There is the be absolutely no negative talk about athletes, coaches or gym in the viewing area. Doing so will resort in becoming a drop off parent only. 

-Please give courtesy to our Rec and preschool Class parents who only take class once a week. Please allow them to watch their children in the designated seating. 

-Please do not stand, sit or tailgate outside of the bay doors when they are open. You will politely be asked to leave that area. 

In addition, there will be no private areas for meetings to be held with gym owners/parents  from the hours of 5-10pm. All meeting requests must come via email to Aftan and must be scheduled before 5pm or over the phone. 

Thank you for your help in following these instructions while we wait for our air conditioned parent’s room, offices, and storage spaces to be built. 
We are so excited for this new chapter. We would like to thank everyone for their continued support during this transitional time!
Infinity Staff




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